They say that one’s style can change a whole conversation, command the room, and offers a sliver into one’s emotions. We don’t wear merely fabrics and jewelry. The materials laid upon our bodies open a door for others to understand our soul, provide a deeper understanding of the mind’s inner workings, world view, attitudes and passion.

It’s that very passion that led Bénédicte de Boysson into the world of jewelry. The need for women (and men alike) to see jewelry not as a means of embellishing an attire, rather to project confidence, elegance, elicit emotions, without being overbearing us out of style. Bénédicte de Boysson jewelry pieces are for the extraordinary every day, the women and men seeking a sustained, refined sense of elevated aesthetics. Jewelry for the soul and style seekers; for those who want to wear a piece that encapsulates their world view and experiences seen and tasted; for the connoisseurs as well as the uninitiated, both mesmerized by the energy and legends of sought-after stones.

All of the aforementioned properties come together in a versatile, austere yet commanding piece of jewelry: The Sautoir. Taking its name from the harness used to help warriors on their horses, the Sautoir is the perfect statement piece of the women and men who deem jewelry as a testament to style, elegance and luxury.

A long string of precious materials and iconic stones turned once, twice or even three times around the neck, can alter a whole attire and accompany the modern professional all day. Bénédicte de Boysson, a highly successful professional herself, knows that all very well.

This is why she created her jewelry line, sporting her exclusive sautoir necklaces. Based in Miami, Bénédicte de Boysson is a French jewelry brand that emphasizes the best of old-fashioned elegance and contemporary need for self-confidence.

Unparalleled Products For Unparalleled Satisfaction

Boasting an unmimicked range of daring designs and attention to detail, Bénédicte de Boysson seeks the best gemstones that will compliment her unique Sautoir necklaces.

From the depths of the jungle to the valleys of the East, Bénédicte de Boysson’s jewelry designs feature settings that combine dainty gold metal work with the healing properties and energy of semi-precious stones.

Not a single combination is arbitrary. Every jewelry design is meticulously crafted, shaped and cast to encapsulate centuries-old traditions, stories and legends of the past. Each of the brand's collections showcases a firm grasp of what is involved in crafting a direct appeal to the customer's personality.

Soulful jewelry draws deep and meaningful appreciation and love from wearers and onlookers, and more broadly, unparalleled jewelry products produce unparalleled satisfaction.

Bénédicte de Boysson's wide selection of tremendous jewelry items helps clients to find products that speak to the soul. Sautoir necklaces, being the most gorgeous and passionate type of necklace, are confidently offered at Bénédicte de Boysson. The classic French piece—which roughly translates to "to jump"—is, in many ways, a "jump" for fashion-conscientious individuals. World-class metals and breathtaking jewels are carefully and attentively connected and set, respectively, so that the final product, besides being a jump, is a positive jump. A way in which fashion preferences and personality can be displayed.

A way in which anyone can tell a story and reveal the uniquely intimate nature of her person. This story—and the intimate nature of this person—can be tailored to and satisfied with the various product collections offered at Bénédicte de Boysson.

In its most basic form, jewelry is love. Loving and soulful jewelry speaks to the owner and provides a window into her being. That's precisely that Bénédicte de Boysson offers, and that's precisely why so many clients have trusted the brand to provide excellence, quality, and feeling.

The Marquises des Anges Collection

Was inspired by not only the fundamental design implication of the title, but also, by the French translation of marquise, which is essentially a metal and glass shelter that overlooks a door. The Collection acknowledges the byproducts of days gone by while also looking forward—optimistically—to the future. This feeling is apparent in each of the Collection's pieces.

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The Mysterieuse Carthage Collection

Is an homage to the past and a tribute to the contemporary daredevil—the woman who stops at nothing to record meaningful achievements according to her own personal definition of significance. It's an acknowledgement of the fearless.

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The Samarkand Collection

Is a representation of all that Bénédicte saw and experienced during her four years of work, travel, and enlightenment in Asia. Samarkand is one of the last Silk Road cities, and Bénédicte made sure to capture the city's precision, attention to detail, and focus in this Collection. In this way, what was felt by an entire city throughout the ages can be felt by wearers and onlookers today.

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The Nuits Blanches de

Collection derived from Benedicte's many exhilarating days and nights spent in St. Petersburg, where she lived during her youth. With this in mind, the Collection is meant to serve as a reminder of the inherent pleasure and freedom associated with warm summer evenings, when people are out, fun is being had, and life's possibilities seem to be endless. A reminder of the magnificence of limitless possibilities and hope.

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Irresistible B Collection

Is dedicated to Bénédicte, her initials, and the world of opportunity that an unfailing belief in these initials has produced.

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