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Blue Lace Agate stones can be found around the world in places like Brazil, Egypt, Nepal, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico and the USA. However, its properties remain unique and useful.

Agate got its name from a place in ancient Sicily, where philosopher Theophrastus found an agate stone while walking along the shore of the river Achates.


Ancient Islamic cultures believed that agate could ward off the evil eye and tragedies. Similarly, Babylonians also believed that agate properties could be used to dispel evil energy. The ancient Egyptians, however, believed agate would offer protection against natural disasters like lightnings. Persians also believed that agate stone could be used to defend against storms.

In the ancient Chinese tradition, the power of agate gemstone was more internal. They believed that agate crystal meaning was one of spiritual protection and could stimulate one’s life force while cleansing their mind to make space for good luck and fortune.

By the Medieval times, the belief surrounding agate properties was that it could deliver a plentiful harvest if tied to the horns of an oxen.


Blue Lace Agate is the gemstone of clear and concise communication. It is connected with the throat and crown chakra, helping to bring feelings of tranquility and alleviate anger and tension.

This gemstone is wonderful for those who have trouble verbalizing their emotions in a calm and constructive way, without fearing other people’s judgement.