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Miami's Benedicte de Boysson offers up a diverse collection of Sautoir necklaces, fine jewelry for your soul which captivates all who behold it. Precious Sautoir necklaces have their roots in royalty. Saddles adorned with these beauties allowed riders to climb up onto the backs of their horses, elevating them above others as this necklace elevates the style of the wearer.

Popularized by empresses and moguls such as Coco Chanel, the Sautoir necklace has only grown in notoriety. The elegant craftsmanship of Benedicte de Boysson's collection only furthers the glamour the fashionable Sautoir necklace accentuates.

Benedicte de Boysson introduces to the timeless Sautoir necklace the various energies and meanings applied to stones and those who adore them. Pearls are one among many stones which bring these pieces to life. Gems that evoke emotion and power laid upon these delicate chains give new depth to an already intricate piece of jewelry.

Miami's luxurious sautoir necklaces with colored stones and diamonds crafters take great care to choose stones that will not only look beautiful but provide healing and regenerative energies to the wearer. The multicultural blend of French aristocracy and mystical healing found in ancient traditions across many nations with fine jewelry for your soul is Benedicte de Boysson's gift to the world of jewelry.

Along with elegance and glamour, the precious Sautoir's necklace versatility is one of the most attractive features of the necklace. Transitioning from a status symbol for men to a fashion statement for women, the elegant gold and diamonds Sautoir necklaces can be worn in many different ways.

Whether a single strand adorned with gems or rows layered over one another with intricate beadwork, the fashionable gold Sautoir necklaces is a recognizable piece. As the French translation suggests, the style of this four-feet-long chain certainly jumps out at onlookers. Once solely royal jewelry, that versatility now extends to the public. The long Sautoir necklace can be shaped and worn at any time of day with any outfit.

Benedicte de Boysson is more than a brand. It's the name of a woman who made the earth her home. Precious colored stones and diamonds gold jewelry, elegant and chic gold jewelry sets. Educated traveler Benedicte de Boysson herself brought her brand to life after years of travel and providing luxurious experiences for women of all backgrounds.

Her brand represents the time-honored balance of masculinity and femininity, allowing women to express both sides fabulously. Taking her worldly experience and her time spent in luxury auction houses and practicing with jewelry maisons, Benedicte de Boysson crafted a unique name and brand for herself.

Benedicte de Boysson's beautiful Sautoir collection embodies the nostalgia of bygone eras.Paying homage to cultures around the world while bringing beauty, balance, and luxury to women everywhere is the goal of this Miami epicenter with fine jewelry for your soul.

Sautoir necklace in Miami. By fusing the aura of gemstones and the elegances of royal fashion through talented, educated, avid craftsmanship, Benedicte de Boysson provides women with a love for fashion with the leg up the Sautoir gave riders. The dedication and research put into these intricate accessories are enough to raise the bar for all establishments. The elegance of the pieces these craftsmen have labored to provide further encapsulates the brilliance a Benedicte de Boysson Sautoir can bring to any avid jewelry collector's wardrobe.